Limit Computer Time for Children

Limit Computer Time for Children


Limitation of the time and the way your children spend on computer is important for their proper physical and emotional health.

Despite the computers are very important nowadays, their usage should be balanced and adequate to your child's age. Too much time spent on limits other important activities like education, social activities with other children, proper physical development, etc. Even more - spending too much time on computer in a sitting position with eyes constantly focused on the screen and the repeated actions made on the keyboard and mouse can have direct negative impact on children's health.

The keyword of computer usage for children is balance.

The best approach for limiting computer time is using a specialized software. Thus you will avoid argues with your child who, when and for how long should use the computer. When you have two or more children sharing one computer, things are even more difficult. The usage of the special software will provide for every child a fixed daily interval for using the computer, different from the one of his brother or sister. Once your children understand and accept that the time limits are a feature of the computer, everything will become much more peaceful.

The software Children's Care is specially designed to limit the computer time and to form important habbits. For example - taking regular breaks, observing good computer posture, proper hydration and more.
The unique feature of this software is its special children design including lots of cute cartoon animals and elements from nature. This special combination of usefulness and amusement makes it the ideal choice.

Here are some screenshots from the software:

Screenshots from children's care software

The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. You can download it from here.
Take a look at this video tutorial for more information how to install and configure Children's Care.

On the web page you can learn more about the features of the software, see some screenshots and more.